The Indie Filmmaker Awards

The Indie Filmmaker Awards is an awards show that prides itself in championing newcomers as well as established indie filmmakers.

Its founders are veterans of the indie film industry and as such are extremely passionate about indie filmmaking.

We truly understand your drive, your vision and the often seemingly insurmountable challenges that you face  bringing your ideas to life- and in front of a highly appreciative audience.

Submit your film to us today for a chance to gain true recognition and be a celebrated winner at our next award show.

You are encouraged to submit your film

for any of the following categories:

Grand Jury Award Best Feature Film
Best Documentary Feature Film
Best Short Film
Best Documentary Short Film
Best Student Film
Best Director Short Film
Best Director Documentary Feature Film
Best Director Feature Film
Best Actress in a Feature Film
Best Actor in a Feature Film
Best Supporting Actress in a Feature Film
Best Supporting Actor in a Feature Film
Seattle Film Festival Outstanding Performance Award
Best Cinematography Short Film
Best Cinematography Feature Film
Best Original Song